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The Genius of Charles Darwin: The Uncut Interviews DVD set

Awarded Best TV Documentary Series at the British Broadcast Awards!

 In this fascinating Channel Four series Richard Dawkins, best selling author of The God Delusion, explains the theory of evolution and its contribution to our understanding of life on Earth.

 Charles Darwin’s insight into how life evolved, published in 1859 as the ‘Origin of Species’, has been the subject of debate ever since, even as every detail of the fossil record provides increasing evidence for Darwin’s ideas. The theory of evolution has frequently been misunderstood, or misinterpreted to justify racialist attitudes. Richard Dawkins considers the moral questions raised by the theory of evolution and argues that selfless behavior and altruism are an essential strategy for human survival and part of evolution itself. This series is essential viewing for fans of Richard Dawkins and anyone who wishes to understand Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.


SPECIAL FEATURES: 3 tales from the Galápagos Islands, by Richard Dawkins

Feature Length: 145 min.

Special Features: 30 min.

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 anamorphic widescreen

Region: Zero (all regions)

Audio: English 2.0


Subtitles: None

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